Vi Customer Care Number, Idea Customer Care Number

Complaint and toll-free helpline for VI Cellular Limited, often known as VI, an Indian mobile provider with headquarters in Mumbai. The VI has been a part of our lives for a while. VI is a well-known brand in our lives and operates in all the cities and villages around the nation. The VI, one of the top brands in the telecom sector, is widely used by millions of people in India.

Vi Customer Care

Every telecom consumer will eventually need to call customer care service for some form of help. The Vi (Vodafone Idea) Customer Care team is available around-the-clock to serve its customers, who may obtain assistance whenever they need it. Today’s large companies have made it possible to receive any form of support via phone call or email. Due to its enormous user base and great demand, the concept has certain unique numbers that may be employed locally to best serve its customers.

Vi Customer Care Number

VI Customer Care DetailsVI Customer Care
Ideas Customer Care Number12345 (Chargeable)
Idea Toll-Free Number198 (Idea Customer Care Number Toll-Free Number)
Idea Helpline Number1800-270-0000
Vi (Vodafone Idea) Customer Care E-mail

Vi (Vodafone Idea) Customer Care Number

You may even obtain all the data related to your Idea prepaid and postpaid accounts using the Idea USSD code.

Vi Customer Care Number for all regions

RegionsIdea Customer Care NumberIdea Complaint Number
Andhra Pradesh+91-984-80123459848009198
Delhi & NCR+91-989-10123458744000198
Himachal Pradesh+91-988-20123459882900198
Jammu & Kashmir+91-908-60123459086046198
Madhya Pradesh+91-98260123459826000198
North-East Region+91-361-2465437
Tamil Nadu+91-90920123459092000198
Uttar Pradesh East+91-988-90123458576000198
Uttar Pradesh West+91-983-70123458941000198
West Bengal+91-909-30123459093100198

Utilise the most benefits from the VI customer care number to receive the most benefits, attractive discounts, and Cashback offers on VI Recharges, and to receive all information pertaining to your Vi (Vodafone Idea) Account through phone call or email.

Email address for VI Customer Care in all locations

Idea maintains a list of state- and region-specific email IDs that may be used when a client wishes to contact the telecom business in writing if they are unable to reach customer support over the phone.

RegionIdea Customer Email ID
Bihar /
Delhi &
Jammu &
North – East
Uttar Pradesh
Uttar Pradesh

Vital USSD Codes for Customers in the VI

You must be aware of the crucial USSD codes that may be used for a variety of services if you are a VI subscriber and encounter a circumstance when you may need to check your account balance, data balance, activate or deactivate any service, or just want any account-related information. The whole list of necessary USSD codes for your VI SIM is provided below.

USSD codesDetails
*121#Idea Balance Check Code
*130*Recharge code#Idea Recharge Code
*456# or *457#Idea Account balance
SMS 3GTV to 54777Idea Live TV service
*125*5#Idea Net Balance Check Code
*369#Idea Local Minute Pack
*161*1#Idea SMS Balance
1909DND Activation/Deactivation
*567*Idea Balance Transfer
*369#Idea Pack
*567#Idea Price
12345Idea Customer Care Number
155223VAS Deactivation
1925Idea 4G Activation Code
ACT 3G to 12345Idea 3g activation used code
*123#Idea Value Added Service
*456#Idea 30 Rs Pack
FRESH to 4666Idea GPRS Activation
*129#Idea Dialer Tone
*333*5#Idea Missed Call Alert Activation
*1#Know Your own Idea number
*369#Idea night SMS and local packs
UNSUBONDCKT to 56456Deactivate Idea Cricket Service
SET to 12345 or 54671Idea GPRS Settings
*567*< Receiver No > Space <Amount>#Idea Balance Transfer Code


Every one of us will occasionally require help of some type. Many people may find it difficult to learn in an environment of rapid progress and technology. This is the reason we need these customer care services and guidance to make sure we fully comprehend the service we are using and can more easily and effectively integrate new technologies into our everyday lives. Check out this area for further updates and information on VI USSD Codes List – VI Balance Check, Plans & more.


What is the customer service number for Vi (Vodafone Idea)?

Even Vi (Vodafone Idea) has a full-fledged customer care department to assist customers with any questions they may have about their Vi (Vodafone Idea) prepaid or postpaid account, just like any other major international telecom provider. The customer service number for Vi (Vodafone Idea) is 12345. Only customers of Vi (Vodafone Idea) may use this number.

What is the Vi (Vodafone Idea) national helpline number?

The National Helpline Number for Vi (Vodafone Idea) is 1800-270-0000, and it can be called from both landlines and mobile phones to obtain all the information and data pertaining to your Vi (Vodafone Idea) number.

How can I utilise the toll-free number for Vi (Vodafone Idea)?

Any user can use the 198 number to contact a Vi (Vodafone Idea) customer service agent to inquire about their prepaid or postpaid accounts. Only Vi (Vodafone Idea) customers may use this toll-free number.

How many customer service phone numbers are available for Vi (Vodafone Idea) Prepaid?

There is only one customer service number for Vodafone Vi (Vodafone Idea), and there isn’t a separate number just for prepaid subscribers. You may call 12345, the Vi customer service toll-free number, using any Vi (Vodafone Idea) mobile phone. Even better, call the 1800-270-0000 National Helpline number.

Are the prepaid and postpaid customer service numbers for Vi (Vodafone Idea) different?

No, Vi (Vodafone Idea) only offers one customer support number, 12345, or the 1800-270-0000 national helpline number. Any subscriber, whether prepaid or postpaid, can call these numbers and obtain the needed details.

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