SBI Credit Card Statement Password, How to Get SBI Card Statement Password

Tips For Knowing Password Format For SBI Credit Card Statement The largest bank in India, State Bank of India, offers its clients a variety of credit cards. If you have an SBI credit card, you should find this post helpful.

SBI Credit Card Statement

Every month, SBI distributes credit card statements to their clients’ registered email addresses. On the other hand, this PDF file is password-protected. You must be familiar with the SBI credit card statement password format in order to open this PDF statement.

SBI Credit Card Statement Password

Do you know that the password format for SBI credit card statements was different from the type used today? Yes, the State Bank occasionally improvises the security. Below, we’ve covered both the previous and present forms.

Obtaining SBI Credit Card Statement You must understand how to obtain an SBI credit card statement before learning about the password for the credit card statement. Below are the instructions for downloading the SBI credit card statement.

There are two ways to go about doing this. The two of them are listed below.

Using the SBI Card website

By following the instructions below, you may download your SBI credit card statement from the SBI card website.

  • Visit the SBI Card website at the provided link.
  • After viewing the website, a selection of alternatives will appear on the right.
  • You must select “View Card Statement” from there.
  • You will now be sent to a new page with many download choices for your credit card statement.
  • By cellphone number, user ID, or card information, you may get the credit card statement.
  • For further protection, SBI also offers a virtual keyboard option. After selecting the checkbox, you can utilise it.
  • To obtain your SBI credit card statement after logging into your account, carefully follow the on-screen instructions.

SBI Card App

Utilising the SBI Card App is another approach to obtain the SBI Credit Card Statement PDF online. Below are the instructions for using the SBI Card app to get credit card statements.

  • Start by downloading the SBI Card App from the URL or your app store.
  • Use “Password” or “MPIN” to log in to the app.
  • You may check your credit card billing and due dates after logging in.
  • In the top left corner, click the 3 dash icon.
  • Then select “My Account” from the menu.
  • Now choose “Card Statement” from the many list selections.
  • By selecting the “View Statement” option, you may now view your credit card statement online.

A password is not necessary to access the statement online using the techniques already mentioned. When the bank emails you a credit card statement, you need a password to access it. Let’s discuss the structure and specifics of the SBI Credit Card Statement Password.

SBI Credit Card Statement Password: How to Find It

Every credit card customer receives an email from the State Bank of India with a PDF version of their credit card statement. This PDF file is password-protected, so you must enter a special password in order to open it.

The State Bank of India did improvise with regard to the password format, though. Below, you may read both the old and new forms.

For SBI Credit Card Statement, the previous password format

Using the 16-digit number listed on your principal credit card is the traditional method or format for opening the credit card statement. This technique is no longer used and only functions with the outdated e-statement PDF.

New Format For SBI Credit Card Statement Password

Below is a list of the most recent password formats for SBI credit card statements.

Your DOB in the format DD/ MM/ YYYY makes up the first eight characters of your statement password, and the final four characters are the last four numbers of your SBI credit card.

Let’s explain using the example below.

The password to unlock the PDF file is 171119855712 if the cardholder’s birthday is November 17, 1985, and the last four numbers on their SBI credit card are 5712.

Safety precautions

When downloading a statement from the internet, it is always advisable to take safety precautions. We have made a few items clear so you can thoroughly download the statement.

  • Try to only access the official website or mobile app to check the credit card statement.
  • Never click on a dubious email link that offers to obtain your credit card statement.
  • Many con artists may contact you claiming to be from SBI and ask for information like your card number, CVV, pin, and other personal information. Never ever divulge this knowledge to anybody. You won’t even be asked for your CVV or Pin number by the bank.
  • Don’t give anyone else access to your SBI credit card statement.

Regarding The Post

The SBI Credit Card Statement Password is covered in detail in this post. The instructions for downloading the SBI credit card statement may be found online.

  • Additionally, we have made available both the previous and present e-statement password formats.
  • You can leave any questions you have on this subject in the comment area, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.
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