Indian Bank Mini Statement Number, How to Get Indian Bank Mini Statement

Updated Indian Bank Mini Statement Number This post would be very beneficial to you if you are a customer of an Indian bank. You can learn more about how to obtain an Indian Bank Mini Statement Number from this page. One of the biggest banks in India is Bank of India, which offers a variety of online services to its clients to make accessing such services easier.

Indian Bank Mini Statement

Also, if you have an Indian bank account and want to use your phone to view recent transactions, this post would be very beneficial to you.

IB Bank Mini Statement Number

Number of Indian Bank Mini Statement You will be able to comprehend all the procedures and techniques with the aid of this post, and you’ll be able to gain all the information you need to finish this task quickly and easily. Hence, carefully and simply read this essay all the way through.

Indian Bank Mini Statement Number, How to Get Indian Bank Mini Statement
Indian Bank Mini Statement Number, How to Get Indian Bank Mini Statement

How Can I Call Up An Indian Bank Micro Statement? You should be aware that there are primarily three straightforward and simple ways to use this service, namely:

Method 1: Get Indian Bank Mini Statement by Sending SMS

One of the simplest and most straightforward approaches is this one. You can obtain a brief statement of your account using this way in a short amount of time. To use this technique, you must sign up for SMS banking. The procedures that we’re going to offer below are all that are necessary to successfully register for SMS banking.

  • You must first obtain your registered mobile number before you can do anything but launch the SMS app.
  • You must now compose a new SMS and enter the terms shown below before sending it to the number 94439443.
  • To enter the MPIN, type LTRAN SPACE.
  • You must enter the PIN that you will receive when signing up for SMS banking in place of the MPIN.
  • Now, the bank will send you an SMS along with a short statement.
  • You only need to open the SMS in order to view the previous three bank account transactions.

Method 2: Get Indian Bank Mini Statement Using IndPay Mobile App

With the aid of the IndPay mobile app, you may also obtain the Indian bank mini-statement. Check out the instructions we’ll offer below, then carefully implement them.

  • To begin, you must first download the IndPay Mobile app from your device’s play store or app store, and then you must simply install it.
  • You must now launch the app and input the account number.
  • You must now input your debit card information, including the number.
  • After that, all you need to do is make your account’s MPIN.
  • Once you’ve done that, you must use your user ID and MPIN to log into the app.
  • Look at the main screen where the option for My Account is located after successfully logging into the app.
  • When you click it again, you will see some options.
  • You only need to choose the choice for saving an account from among those alternatives.
  • You now need to select the mobile passbook option by clicking.
  • A list of all your transactions, identical to your passbook, will then appear on the new screen.

How Can I Obtain a Mini Statement from an Indian Bank Via Online Banking? Also, Indian banks offer the option for customers to access their micro statements by using internet banking. All account holders who want to receive the mini statement must use their Customer ID and password to log into the net banking page of their Indian bank.

When logging onto their account, users can easily access all the information related to their bank accounts, including a mini-statement, account balance enquiry, and many other services.

Advantages of Indian Bank Mini Statement Service: By using the Indian Bank Mini Statement Service by missed call and SMS service, Indian bank customers can easily obtain information about their most recent transactions. You can obtain a mini-statement of the most recent ten transactions using the Indian bank mobile application. The following are the main advantages of the Indian bank micro statement service:

  • You can access this service around-the-clock without going to the bank or an ATM, and you won’t have to wait in line either. With the mobile and online banking services offered by Indian banks, you can access information about recent banking transactions.
  • Without an internet connection, the Indian bank will still be able to provide you with a mini-statement of your account. By dialling your registered mobile number during a missed call, you can use the missed call service.
  • Also, using the Indian Bank mobile app to get the mini statement is free and does not require any changes. Also, you are free to use the Indian bank’s micro statement service without complying with any limitations.
  • You can easily save time and effort by using the Indian bank mini statement services through mobile and internet banking because you won’t need to go to the bank branch.
  • Users can receive the tiny statement via SMS, and they are not required to have a smartphone.

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