Lock CIBC Debit Card, How to Lock CIBC Debit Card

We know that the most important thing is to keep your money safe and prevent scams. So, it’s important to be able to handle your money without thinking about someone else getting to it. So, CIBC gives you a way to lock your card for a certain amount of time. But keep on reading.

How do I lock my bank card from CIBC?

One small problem is that you can’t lock CIBC bank cards. A credit card is the only thing you can use the lock and unlock tool on. So, if you lose this card, you should go to CIBC Online or Mobile Banking and look up the credit card information.

But if you can’t lock your CIBC bank card, what are your other choices? Well, we’ll show you what you can do to protect your debit card. If you lose the card, there are other ways to get a new one.

Report your CIBC Debit Card and get a new one as soon as possible.

If you’re sure you’ve lost your debit card, you’ll have to call the bank because you can’t do it yourself. You can talk to a CIBC employee about what happened to the card, and they will cancel it for you. Don’t wait a few days to do this. Keeping your lost card open is dangerous.

You will get a new one in a few days after the cancellation. And don’t be afraid! If someone tries to use your old card, it won’t work, so there’s no point.

How to Keep Your CIBC Debit Card Safe

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You might want to lock your credit cards if you lose them or if you think someone is watching to steal your information. But sadly, locking CIBC debit cards is not the same; you will need to keep an eye on every transaction you make.

You must keep important information to yourself, like your card number, PIN, and CCV (Card Verification Value). If you are using an ABM or a computer at a store to put your card in, cover the keyboard while you type.

Skimming devices are the one thing that can cause the most trouble. These record the number of the card after you swipe it or put it in a machine. To prevent this kind of situation, you should look around for anything that looks strange and cover your eyes when you put in your PIN.

Watch out for tips about debit card scams as well. CIBC will let you know if there are any strange changes to your account and ask you to confirm that it is you.

As a last suggestion, here are two stories that might be helpful based on the type of card you have: How to lock your CIBC credit card and how to report a lost CIBC debit card

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