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Using a Visa debit card, the EDD pays benefit claims for unemployment insurance, paid family leave, and disability insurance. Customers may quickly and easily manage their funds with EDD Debit Card Online Banking. Both the PC and the Bank of America mobile app allow you to access your account.

Bank of America EDD login

Charge cards are a particular kind of credit card where you are required to make a full payment every month. Consequently, if you’re a new client to Bank Of America EDD Login and wish to access your Bank of America EDD login Debit Card Online Account, below are the methods to log in or even alter your Username.

You may access your Bank of America EDD Debit Card Login in one of two ways: first, by visiting the official website on a laptop or computer. The company’s mobile app is the alternate choice.

Conditions for Logging Into Bank of America EDD?

  • You need a current Login ID and Password issued by Bank of America.
  • A Personal Identification Number (PIN) and an EDD Debit Card are required for login.
  • Web address for the Bank of America EDD login.
    EDD Debit Card; Guidelines; Information
  • A computer or laptop with dependable internet connectivity.

EDD login for Bank of America

  • Go to, the official website for Visaprepaidprocessing EDD Login.
  • Kindly type in your username and click the Continue button.
  • Enter the necessary data to access your online banking account and prove your identity.

If your login information is accurate, you will be sent to the dashboard of your online banking account.

Get your Bank of America EDD Card activated

Activate My Card for an EDD Prepaid Debit Card.

What advantages come with using an EDD Prepaid Debit Card?

  • Use everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted, including in stores, online, and over the phone.
  • No more waiting for checks to arrive in the mail.
  • You can spend this money in a variety of ways, and your Cardholder Agreement outlines how your usage of your Prepaid Debit Card or Linked Card Account may be restricted.
  • Use abms, point-of-sale* machines, and banks and credit unions that accept Visa to access cash.
  • Pay bills with your card.

How can I find out how much money is still on my EDD Prepaid Debit Card account?

By dialling the toll-free customer care number 1.866.692.9374, you may check your debit card balance at any time, free of charge, using automated account information. You may also check your balance online at

Additionally, you may check your balance online at or at an ABM. It is advised that you check your balance before making a purchase so you can see how much money is left on your EDD Prepaid Debit Card account.

Before making a purchase, it is advised that you check your balance to see how much money is available on your EDD Prepaid Debit Card account.

There are also mobile SMS and email notifications available for daily balance and low balance. Register for notifications by signing into your account and going to Profile > Alert Settings & Alert Options.

How do I use my EDD Prepaid Debit Card?

To use a card with only a magnetic stripe:

Purchases with a PIN:

  1. Swipe your card.
  2. Choose “debit.” and enter your PIN.
  3. If you want cash, select the amount and it will be added to your purchase if your balance is sufficient.
  4. Take your card, cash (if applicable), and receipt.

To get cash or check your balance at an ATM:

  1. Insert your card and enter your PIN.
  2. Select “checking” to make a withdrawal or “checking” and “balance inquiry” to check your balance.
  3. Enter amount you wish to withdraw.
  4. Take your card, cash (if applicable), and receipt.

Purchases with a signature:

  1. Present or swipe your card.
  2. Choose “credit.” (Please note that your EDD Prepaid Debit Card is not a credit card, and you will be able to use only the funds that are in your account.)
  3. Sign, take your card, and receipt.

My credit score won’t be impacted by my EDD Prepaid Debit Card.

No. The card will not appear on your credit record and is not linked to a credit line. You can withdraw monies from your EDD Prepaid Debit Card account to access your benefit payout funds.

Does my EDD Prepaid Debit Card account have a daily withdrawal cap?

We occasionally place limits or restrictions on the amount, number, frequency, and/or type of transactions you are permitted to make using your Account or Card, on the merchants or terminals where you are permitted to use your Account or Card, or on the ways in which you may use your Account or Card, whether the Card is swiped or inserted into a terminal or not. These limitations or restrictions may be in place for security reasons, to avoid high risk activity, or for other reasons. The majority of abms demand that withdrawals of cash be done in multiples of a dollar amount (for example, $10 or $20).

Inquiries regarding my EDD Prepaid Debit Card account should be directed to whom?

The customer service phone number for the Bank of America EDD Prepaid Debit Card is 1.866.692.9374, 1.866.656.5913 TTY, or 423.262.1650 (Collect when calling from outside the United States), and it is listed on your card’s back as well as in your Quick Reference Guide. At, you may also access account information online.

What are the operating hours for the Bank of America EDD Prepaid Debit Card Service Centre?

Call 1.866.692.9374 for specialized customer support specialists and automated account information accessible twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Additionally, you may online.

What need I do to update my address on this account?

When changing your address on a claim for paid family leave, disability insurance, or unemployment insurance, you must get in touch with EDD. You may either phone or visit and click “Contact EDD”:

  • Disability Insurance 1.800.480.3287
  • Paid Family Leave 1.877.238.4373
  • Unemployment Insurance 1.800.300.5616

EDD will notify Bank of America of the change.The EDD sends us updated addresses nightly, Sunday through Friday.

Please take note that the EDD will never ask for the details of your personal bank accounts.

Mobile SMS and email notifications for the EDD Prepaid Debit Card

You may be updated about activity on your EDD Prepaid Debit Card by using mobile text or email notifications. Get mobile and email alerts whenever and wherever you want.

Alerts are simple to handle. To turn on the alerts you want to receive, go into your account online. If you want to add your cell phone number or email address, go to Alert Settings under Profile. To select the mobile text and email notifications you wish to receive, go to Alert Options under Profile.

Select to be alerted as soon as a new deposit is received. You don’t need to contact to ask if the deposit has reached your account. Turn on the “value load alert.”
Set the “value load alert” to on.

Specify a dollar amount to which you would want to get a low balance warning. Refrain from getting turned down due to lack cash. Turn on the “low balance alert.”
Set the “low balance alert” to on.

Selecting this option will notify you whenever there are questionable actions on your account.

Be able to spot fraud:

Additionally, you may report any shady text messages to your mobile service provider at 7726 (“SPAM”) and follow their instructions, or you can send an email to with your concerns.

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