Delete Your Ebay Account, How to Delete Your Ebay Account

How to cancel your eBay account: There may be a variety of reasons why a consumer chooses to remove their account from an easy-to-use online store. When we investigate it, we discover that email spamming by their promotional letter is the main cause of account deletion for customers.

How to Delete Ebay Account

By using the unsubscribe option provided at the conclusion of your promotional email, you may quickly stop sending spammy emails. If you have a different reason, I’ll walk you through the process step by step so you may remove your account from eBay’s database.

A Quick Overview of the Business

One of the top international and Indian online retail websites is Flipkart, a business that Pierre Omidyar started. Ebay is an online retailer that offers services for transactions between businesses and consumers. The business made up to $8.9 million in sales in only 2015 alone. In the ebay firm, there are 34,600 employees.

How To Remove An Account From eBay

You can request to have your account deleted from their database using one of the two methods listed below:-

By Company Website, Delete Account

By Calling the Phone Number, Delete the Account

  • Contact us at 1800-209-3229.
  • Select “Call customer service” as your calling choice.
  • To cancel your account, tell them.

The two methods for account deletion are as follows. Currently, the firm does not accept email support from customers.

  • Keep checking our page for updates if you want further details on how to deactivate your eBay account.

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