How to DeLink Aadhaar from Google Pay Account

Disconnect Aadhaar from your Google Pay account According to the Supreme Court’s decision, it is now the user’s right to link Aadhaar to a bank or online mobile app, but requiring anyone to do so is against the law. Following the Supreme Court’s decision, banks, Google Pay Payment Method providers, and other financial institutions have begun utilizing Aadhaar substitutes like e-KYC.

How to DeLink Aadhaar from Google Pay Account

Users may make payments using Android phones, tablets, or watches thanks to Google Pay, a mobile payment service that was created by the company to support contactless in-app, online, and in-person transactions on mobile devices. In order to understand how to delink or unlink an Aadhar number from a Google Pay account and other services, one at a time, let’s look at how many individuals who first associated their Aadhaar with Google Pay online services have started doing so.

DeLink Aadhaar from Google Pay Account

Disconnect Aadhaar from your Google Pay account. Why do people fear that their Aadhaar numbers may be misused? The Supreme Court’s decision has provided solace to Aadhaar holders despite worries. Aadhaar numbers can be unlinked by people who have already connected them to their bank accounts and Google Pay apps, under a Supreme Court decision.

If consumers wish to disconnect from Aadhaar, they must contact Google Pay Customer Care. But the Aadhaar bearer must remember that their Aadhaar number needs to be connected to their bank account in order to get any subsidies under government programs. Currently, the Aadhaar number is connected to PAN cards, voter IDs, ration cards, SIM cards, and other documents. If Aadhaar users want to unlink their Aadhaar, they should carefully consider their options before making a choice.

You won’t be able to use the majority of bank services without your Aadhaar number being connected to your bank account, and both the Central and State governments require it in order to get pension payments. Additionally, in order for the Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana (PMFBY) to credit funds to your account, your Aadhaar must be linked to your bank account. The aforementioned government program will not be available to you if your Aadhaar number is not connected to your bank account.

How to Delink/Unlink Your Aadhaar from Your Google Pay Account

Aadhaar-to-customer profile links will no longer exist thanks to Google Pay. They are unsure of how to delink because so many individuals have already connected their accounts. The process to delink Aadhaar from GPAY e-wallets is outlined in the following steps.

  1. To contact GPay customer service for each of their digital wallets, dial their number.
  2. Call 1-800-419-0157 to reach customer service for free.
  3. Request that they disconnect your Aadhaar number from their system and inquire about the procedure.
  4. Customer support will send you an email requesting you to give a soft copy of your Aadhaar when you request a Google Pay Aadhar Link.
  5. Send the soft copy of your Aadhaar over email to customer service if you wish to move on with the Google Pay Aadhar Unlink procedure.
  6. After sending the Aadhaar soft copy, you must wait for the Gpay Aadhaar delinking confirmation email.
  7. Your Gpay Aadhaar delinking request will typically be processed in three days.
  8. If you want to know Gpay Aadhaar Unlinking complete indian or check your google pay.

How can I unlink my Aadhaar card?

Visit the webpage of your bank or mobile up service provider. the option to unlink your Aadhaar number may be found by logging into your Gpay account. You’ll get an SMS confirmation after Aadhaar has been unlinked.

How can I remove my bank account as a Google Pay linked account?

The Google Pay App should be opened. On the right side, tap your photo. Next, press Bank Account. Finally, tap Unlink the Aadhaar you wish to erase. Finally, tap More and then Delink Account.

Disconnect my Aadhar card from GPay?

You wish to delete your entire KYC from Gpay by unlinking your Aadhaar card, therefore consider your options carefully before doing so. To access government programs, you must link your account to Aadha. Your agent will urge you to not delink your Aadhaar and to complete EKYC if you wish to link it to Gpay in the future.

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