Delete Viber Account, How to Delete My Viber Account

Many people want to know how to delete their Viber account. Even though you can’t get rid of Viber for good, there are ways to get rid of your call records, texts, and groups that you’ve sent to your friends. Here are some things you can do to close your Viber account.

How to Delete My Viber Account

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Don’t use Viber anymore.

If you no longer want to use Viber, delete your account. The process is quick and easy. Viber is a program for instant chat that lets users make free voice and video calls on any platform.

You can delete your Viber account if you’ve been getting texts you don’t want. The service uses end-to-end security to make sure that your chats are safe.

Signing out of the Viber app is the only way to turn off your account. Then, follow the steps on the screen to shut down the account. If you do not follow the steps, you will lose your texts and other information.

When you turn off your Viber account, your contact names will also be taken off the Viber computers. You won’t be able to get in touch with other Viber users on your list, so make sure you have a backup.

If you haven’t used Viber in a year, your account will be shut down immediately. This will delete your account from all of your devices, including your phone, so you can’t use it anymore.

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Remove your Viber chats

It’s easy to delete embarrassing or unwanted Viber texts. You can remove single texts or the whole conversation.

Start with Viber first. Next, go to the chat that you want to delete. Next, long-press the message you want to remove. You’ll see a window pop up with a few choices. “Delete for everyone” is one of them.

Why not go the extra mile and delete the message while you’re at it? If you remove a message, Viber will let you know. It will also remove the conversation’s recording. Then you can delete the letter, but keep in mind that it will no longer be in your chats.

Check out how to delete Viber texts from your phone if you’re interested. You can also do the same thing with a tool from someone else. Depending on the operating system you’re using, you may need to download a special app.

Check out how to delete Viber texts on an Android phone while you’re at it. They are like the steps on an iPhone.

Clear out your Viber call log.

You can delete your Viber call records if you need to clear out your call log. You can do this with either a service client app or an iCloud backup. Users should know, though, that there is no built-in way to recover lost information.

There are many apps that can help you delete your Viber call records, but iMyFone Umate Pro is one of the best. The app lets users not only delete their call records but also move any other apps they may be using.

To start, download the app and use a lightning USB connection to connect your iPhone to your PC. The app will look through your iPhone for any Viber files that you may have removed. Then, you can look at the information before it is recovered.

Enter your Apple ID next. This is a necessary step. You will also get a message to update your program. Once you’ve checked your account, you’ll be able to choose a good copy.

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Delete your group on Viber.

You can leave a Viber group in a few easy steps. But it’s best to leave a group in a nice way. You shouldn’t leave a group just to make people upset.

When you leave a Viber group, you will need to delete all of your information. This includes all of your messages and friends. You can turn off alerts in the Viber app if you don’t want to leave a group.

Before leaving the group, you can also change your name. The other people will think you are someone else because of this. It’s important that your reason sound like it could be true.

If you want to leave a Viber group, you’ll need a new number. You’ll have to change the number in the app. You’ll also have to clear your files and cache. After you have deleted your information, you can leave the group.

After you log in to Viber, you can go to the group you want to delete. Then you can choose to delete single texts or the whole past of the group.

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