Delete Section Break in Word, How To Delete Section Break in Word

How to Remove Section Breaks from Word Microsoft produced the well-known and widely used word processor known as Microsoft Word. Although it is part of the Microsoft Office productivity package, Microsoft Word is also available independently. Since its initial 1983 release, Microsoft Word has seen several updates. Both Windows and Apple systems may access it. Word, or MS Word, is another name for Microsoft Word.

Delete Section Break in Word

The most commonly used word processor is Word, sometimes known as Microsoft Word. It is still being produced even though it was first published in 1983. Users can use Microsoft Word alone or as part of Microsoft Office. Since its introduction in 1983, Microsoft Word has continuously added new functionality. Microsoft Windows PCs and Apple Mac computers support Microsoft Word. Word or MS Word are frequent names for it.

Microsoft Windows’ increased use contributed to Word’s popularity. The program was successful because it matched or even outperformed WordPerfect, which was the industry standard at the time, and because it made it easier to use the GUI’s novel text display and on-screen formatting features.

Word gradually dominated the market except for a few specialised applications, such as legal word processing. Among Microsoft Word’s most well-liked features are user-configurable style sheets and templates, macros, and a slew of automated features, including the creation of tables of contents and indexes, revision marks for collaboratively revised documents, on-the-fly spelling and grammar correction, and many others. A word processing programme is WordPerfect.

There are many methods in Microsoft Word that you can use to remove one or more section breaks. You must first display paragraph markers or symbols to remove section breaks. You could need to choose and eliminate section breaks in a different view because they can be challenging to remove. Be careful when removing section breaks because doing so may change each part’s margins, headers, footers, and page orientation.

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  • Start Word and open your document.
  • On the Home tab, click.
  • Click the tabs, spaces, and manual page breaks to reveal or hide the graph marks.
  • Click on the Review tab.
  • Click Track Modifications.
  • From the drop-down menu, choose Track Changes.
  • Select Show/Hide in the Paragraph group under the Home tab if required.
  • Double-click the break or drag it over it to select it.
  • Utilise Backspace or Delete to eliminate the break.


  • Start Word and open your document.
  • Choosing the Home tab.
  • In the Paragraph section, click the Show/Hide option.
  • Decide which section break you want to remove.
  • On your keyboard, press the Delete key.

The primary purpose of the word processing program Microsoft Word is to produce documents in different formats. Making letters, projects, and simple logos are just a few things you can do using Microsoft Word as a word processor. Microsoft Office software includes Microsoft Word and Excel, PowerPoint, Wordpad, Outlook, Publisher, and others. The most popular word processing program is Microsoft Word, available for PCs and MACs.

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