Delete Pinterest Account, How to Delete Pinterest Account

How to delete your Pinterest account, and why you would want to do that. Pinterest is a social media site where people can find groups of pictures, called “pins,” that help them find and save creative ideas. People use Pinterest to learn new recipes, find new ways to decorate their homes, or even just find a fun new place to go.

How to Delete Pinterest Account

There are more than 100 million daily users of Pinterest, and 85% of them are women. But a lot of people are worried about how much information Pinterest collects and how the famous site may store or share their private information. To keep yourself safe, it might be a good idea to delete your Pinterest account forever.

Getting rid of your Pinterest account for good

Once you delete your Pinterest account, it will no longer exist, and no one will be able to find you or look at your profile. Follow our easy 5-step guide below to close your Pinterest account.

  • Sign up for Pinterest.
  • Click the button that says “Profile” at the top of Pinterest.
  • Click on the bolt button.
  • Click Cancel Account.
  • Click Close Account Forever.
  • The end. Your Pinterest account is no longer available.

More ways to keep your privacy secure

You can do more than just delete your Pinterest account to protect your online privacy when you use social networks. The first step is to be aware, and here are some things you should be aware of:

  • When you post something on social media, everyone can see it, so think before you share. Photos you post to Pinterest may show things about your life, like where you live or what you like.
  • Even if you change your privacy settings, there are still privacy worries “behind the scenes,” because Pinterest may be collecting information about users.
  • Metadata is information about your pictures that shows things like where they were taken and what time and date they were taken.
  • Learn how your social media apps link to other apps and how data can be shared between apps.

You can also do the following when using social networks to protect your privacy:

  • Think before you tell someone: Information posted on social media is public, so keep in mind that a lot of people can see it.
  • Read the rules on privacy: Make sure you know the social network’s privacy rules and change your settings appropriately. Also, know how your information is being used, sold, or collected.
  • Change the settings for your privacy: You can control how your information is shared and what stays private by changing the privacy settings in apps.

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