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How To Remove Kik From Your Account: A registered user of the social networking software Kik may send messages, media, doodles, photographs, videos, and other types of files to friends and other users. After receiving some emails from users requesting to delete their accounts from Kik Messenger and researching the reasons behind these requests, we discovered that many users only wanted to delete their accounts from this app because of email spamming or because they had stopped using the program for a while.

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We advise that if you are deleting this account due to email spam and newsletters, you either label their email as spam or unsubscribe from their newsletter by clicking the unsubscribe option provided at the end of the email. If your motives are different, I will walk you through the process of deleting your Kik Messenger account in detail.

How to Delete a Kik Account for Good

On the well-known online platform Kik, users may freely send and receive text and multimedia messages. Although the program has some security flaws and is frequently used by children without parental supervision. Due to these factors, a lot of people desire to know how to remove Kik permanently from a device. This article includes comprehensive instructions on how to do so.

Kik, like many other messaging applications, lets users create new accounts with no oversight or background checks. While useful, this often results in security difficulties since dishonest users may simply create false identities and use them to harass or spam others. Additionally, Kik sometimes exhibits malfunctions. Some individuals are shocked by the abuse they encounter online, while others become weary of using this app and desire to stop using it altogether, disconnecting from the network.

How to Delete a Kik Account for Good

Kik users may opt to deactivate or totally remove their accounts if they had a bad experience with the app or just would like to utilize different communication platforms. It’s critical to comprehend the distinctions between those two choices and to choose the one that best fits your motivations for uninstalling the software. Importantly, both a temporary and permanent exit from Kik is available, and both processes are rather straightforward to carry out.

This post will explain the differences between deactivating an account and deleting it, and it will show you how to do each of those things quickly.

How can you delete your Kik account permanently?

It can be wise to delete your Kik account permanently if you determine it is no longer beneficial to you or poses a risk to your security. By deleting the account, you will stop receiving new messages, your contact will be removed from other users’ profiles, and your account will no longer show up in search results. The deletion of your account is irreversible, therefore you should only choose this option if you are positive that you won’t use Kik again.

Once you’ve resolved to permanently delete your account from Kik, just take the following actions:

  • Step 1: Open a web browser and go to the page for deleting Kik accounts.
  • Step 2: Verify your identity by providing both your Kik username and the email address that you first used to create the account.
  • Step 3: Choose the primary justification for deleting the Kik account from the drop-down menu, and optionally add more information in your own words in the text box underneath.
  • Step 4: Check the box that says you wish to end your relationship with Kik and press the Go button.
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Authenticate yourself on Kik

  1. Locate the deactivation email in your inbox and click on the included link to complete the permanent cancellation of your personal Kik account.

Kik Account Deactivation Instructions

Without permanently losing access to your account, there is another way to vanish from Kik. Users who choose to deactivate rather than completely erase their accounts can subsequently reactivate them. Although there are some similarities to deletion and some of the same processes are involved, this is a separate process, so it’s crucial to be certain which one you want to carry out.

Deactivation is a great option for anybody determined to stop getting messages and showing up in other people’s contacts, such as parents who wish to keep their children off Kik for a bit or users who are planning a trip soon.

It takes a little less time to deactivate a Kik account than it does to delete it. It entails the following actions:

  1. Start by visiting the Kik deactivating portal.
  2. Step 2: Type the email address you used to create the account you wish to deactivate and click the Go button.
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Fill In Your Email Address

  1. Locate the deactivation email in your inbox and click the link to finish the procedure.

Quick reference guide: deleting your Kik account

Deactivating your Kik Account

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your registered email address.
  3. Click on “Go!”
  4. Click the link in the deactivation email.

Deleting your Kik Account

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your username and email address.
  3. Click on “Go!”
  4. Click the link in the confirmation email.

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