Airtel USSD, Check Airtel Internet Balance

Do you wish to check the Balance of your Airtel Internet? How much 4G data do you currently have? To monitor the status of our remaining data, Balance, offers, and other services, we have utilized a number that begins with a * (Star) and finishes with a # (hash).

Airtel USSD Codes

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, sometimes known as USSD, refers to the exact number or code. These quick codes are the foundation for service provider firms’ computer and mobile phone applications for sending and receiving text messages.

Airtel USSD Internet Balance Check

The USSD messages are notable for having up to 182 alphanumeric characters. An asterisk (*) sign precedes the first set of numbers in a standard USSD message, which includes commands or data. A hash sign (#) follows to end it. Extra asterisks may occasionally separate the commands or data in between.

To aid you when you wish to check your Balance, start or stop service, and more, we have provided the USSD and SMS codes for the Airtel network in this post today.

Ussd CodeFunctions
121Airtel Customer Care Number
198Airtel Complaint Number
            *123#Airtel Balance Check
*123*10# Or *123*#Check For Free 2g Data Balance
*123*11#Check For 3g Data Balance
          *121*8#Check For Airtel 4g Balance
    *123*197#Airtel Night Data Balance
 *123*2# Or *555#Local National SMS Packs
1909Dnd Activation/Deactivation
  *141*10# Or 52141Airtel Loan Number
*121#My Airtel, My Offer
 *121*4#Airtel Value Added Services
 *121*7#Check For  Local SMS Balance
 *123*1#Check For Airtel To Airtel Mins Balance
          *123*6#Local Airtel To Airtel Night Minutes Balance
 *123*7#Check For Free Local, Std Sms Balance
 *123*8#Check For Free Std Minutes Balance
             *141#Airtel Talk Time Gift Service [Share Or Ask Talk Time ]
Sms 3g To 121Airtel 3g Activation Ussd Code
 *222#Special 5 Offers
             *321#Airtel Live Services
  *325#Free Facebook Access [Rs. 1 Per Day ]
   *515#Twitter Service
   *566#Airtel Special Offers And Rewards
              *678#Hello Tunes Menu
    *888#Missed Call Alert
     *777#To Check the Last 5 Transactions
and Value Added Services.
               *282#SMS Stop To 121
 *141*10#Airtel Loan Code
Sms Port To 1909Mobile Number Portability
Sms Start To 121Start Any Service
SMS Data Use To 121Stop Any Service
SMS Pay To 121Check your 2G/3G balance.
Sms Unb To 121Check the unbilled amount.
Sms Ot To 121Outstanding Amount
Sms Bp To 121Current Bill Plan
To Check the Last 5 Transactions
and Value Added Services.
Bill Summary
To Check Last 5 Transactions
and Value Added Services.
Last 3 Bill Payment Details

Using the My Airtel app is yet another option for finding your Balance. It is downloadable from Android and iOS app stores, allowing users to choose whatever platform they like.

image 53
image 54
  • Install the Airtel mobile app.
  • You’ll need to register your phone number in the app.
  • When you tap on the account, a menu that includes options such as your account balance, your data balance, and other special deals will appear.

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