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Log in to Tagged, a social networking site and social discovery platform based in San Francisco (CA), with more than 300 million members already registered there. The site’s about us page claims that they currently receive more than 20 million unique visitors each month.


Because of this, we can say with complete confidence that after you register on the site, log in, and begin interacting with other users, you won’t have any issues at all finding new friends. There are several ways to utilize Tagged.com and engage with other community members, for instance, after registering, you may view other people’s profile pages,

Tagged Login

To make the experience more engaging and exciting, you can also upload and share images, join groups regarding interests, send private messages, utilize the site’s instant chat function, share tags and virtual gifts, and even play social games.

Nowadays, sharing, finding friends, and even gaining notoriety and respect online are all important aspects of the socialization of the internet. In fact, if you learn how to utilize the internet properly, you could even have the opportunity to become rich and famous the sky’s the limit.

The more social networks you sign up for, the better; however, maintaining all of your social profiles is a difficult chore, so you should choose no more than two or three and stay with them until you have achieved the goals you have set for yourself.

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You may join as many social networking sites as you like if all you want to do is browse profiles and view photographs from around the web; you don’t need to participate in the community; you just want to locate interesting information. Therefore, whatever your objectives are, Tagged.com could be able to help you achieve them because it has a sizable and vibrant community in addition to offering excellent features, tools, and cutting-edge functionality that will let you have more fun while expanding your network and making new friends.

Account Access Tutorial – Tagged Login

(Update: Tagged.com has changed; there are now sign-up and login pages where there previously weren’t any. Additionally, Google+ users now have simple login choices.)

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  • In the second box, type your Tagged user password.
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  • All that’s left to do is click the green “sign in” button at the bottom of the access form, and you’ll be signed in immediately!
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Sign Up Tagged

You must first create a free account to use this service. If you don’t already have one, visit the sign up page at http://www.tagged.com/register.html and fill out the form next to the statement “Sign Up With Your Email Today!” on the right side of your screen.

Enter just your first name, your last name, your email address, a password for your new Tagged.com account, the name of the city where you are situated, and then click “Continue.”

Click the green “Sign Up” button at the bottom after entering your birth date information and choosing your gender (Male or Female). Return to this page after signing up, and then follow the instructions below to find out how to access your account.

Login Using Facebook and Google+

Additionally, you may use your Facebook or Google Plus login information to access the Tagged.com website. Probably the quickest and easiest method is to access the website using your Facebook or G+ account. Simply visit the website’s official home page at http://www.tagged.com/, click on the red “Login With Google” or “Login With Facebook” buttons situated in the bottom left of the page, and then enter your information as directed.

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The app and the website’s terms of service (TOS) must then be accepted before you can proceed.

Instructions for Password Recovery

Go return to the site’s sign-in page and click the “Forgot Your Password?” link just below the “password” text box, or you may go straight to the password reset page at http://www.tagged.com/forgot_password.html, if you forget your password.

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Enter your email address, press “Submit,” and then follow the on-screen directions to receive your member access information immediately.

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