Ryanair Baggage Restrictions 2024 for Checked and Carry-On Baggage

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Ryanair’s policy on carry-on bags

What Can You Bring on Ryanair Airlines Flights? Jet Star is very strict and says that your carry-on bag can’t be bigger than 56 x 36 x 23 cm and must fit in the overhead locker.

How Big Is a Carry-On Bag for Ryanair Airlines?

If you are an Economy Starter, Starter Plus, or Starter Max rider, the total weight of your main carry-on and personal items cannot be more than 7kg.If you are a Flex Pack, +7kg extra carry-on baggage, or business class traveller, the total weight of your main carry-on and personal items cannot be more than 14kg. No single item can weigh more than 10kg.

Personal item size for Ryanair Airlines.

Each Star Class passenger can bring one more carry-on item, but only one can be a suit bag or clothing bag. Each carry-on item can’t weigh more than 22 lb (10 kg), and the total weight of all cabin bags can’t be more than 44 lb (20 kg).

RYANAIR Airlines Weight Limits for Carry-On Bags

Economy Starter, Starter Plus, and Starter Max riders can bring one large item and one small item that together can’t weigh more than 7 kg. Passengers with a Flex package, +7 kg Extra Carry-On Baggage, or Business Class fare can bring one large item and one small item that together can’t weigh more than 14 kg.

Ryanair Allowance for Baggage at Check-In

Information for RYANAIR Airlines Passengers About Their Checked Baggage

Your main item must fit in the overhead lockers and not be bigger than 56 cm (height), 36 cm (width), and 23 cm (depth), including wheels and handles.

Ryanair Airlines had weight limits on checked bags.

Passengers in Business Class can bring up to 30 kg of checked luggage for free. When you buy a “Jetstar Plus” deal, you can check 20 kg of luggage for free. In the “Jetstar Max” packages, checked bags up to 30 kg are free. In both cases, you can pay to bring the total weight of your checked bags up to 40 kg.

RYANAIR Airlines Size Limits for Checked Bags

Bags can’t be more than 62 inches long and 157cm wide and deep, and they can’t weigh more than 50 pounds. There will be an extra charge for each bag that weighs more than 50 pounds.

Ryanair’s fees for carry-on bags and pets

Ryanair charges for carry-on bags.

Domestic flights with up to 15 kg of checked luggage cost $45 AUD or NZD with Jetstar. Choose Jetstar Japan or Jetstar Asia if you want to fly outside of Japan. Depending on the trip, the airline, and the location, the cost is normally between $40 and $50.

RYANAIR Airlines charges extra to bring pets on board.

Due to less space all over Australia, there will be fewer chances for pets to move, and we appreciate your patience during this hard time. Our online booking system for pets and other animals isn’t working right now. Please get in touch with one of the pet travel pros we recommend. To book your pet’s trip within Australia, open a new window and go to a site outside of Australia. Jetstar does not accept live animals in the cabins of its planes, with the exception of service animals on domestic trips within Australia.

Check-in and extra baggage fees for Ryanair

Checked Baggage Fees for Ryanair

  1. Check-in luggage fee for RYANAIR airlines

Prices for checked bags change by route. The best way to buy a checked bag is online, and the most expensive way is at the airport. We suggest that you add checked bags to your reservation before you get to the airport.

  1. RYANAIR Airlines Charges for Extra Baggage

If your checked bags weigh more than the allowed amount, you will be charged a fee per kg. Please look at the table below to see how much extra stuff costs.

Domestic flights in Australia cost AUD$10, and trips in New Zealand cost NZD$10.

International flights from Australia cost AUD$20, from Japan they cost JPY$1,500, and from Thailand they cost THB$600.

RYANAIR Airlines Fees for Large or Heavy Checked Baggage

Any packed bag with a single side that is more than one meter (39 inches) long is considered a large item and must pay an oversized item handling fee. Each person can check up to two things that are too big. The large item fee is a separate handling fee that can be paid online per item and per flight. If your bag is too big, it will be put in the hold, and based on your route, you may be charged a fee.

Ryanair’s rules on carry-on bag sizes, weight limits, and fees

Each person can buy up to 40 kg of checked luggage. No item can weigh more than 32kg by itself. An oversized thing is any bag that is longer than one meter in any way. Note that things that are longer on one side than 1 m will be considered large and will have to pay a one-way oversized handling fee of AUD 25 per item.

As carry-on bags, you can bring small instruments that weigh less than 7 kg and are no bigger than 85 x 36 x 23 cm. If you buy an extra seat, you can bring a bigger instrument that weighs up to 15 kg on board.

For domestic flights, each extra kilo costs AUD 15, and for foreign trips, it costs AUD $25. When a flight has both a local and an international leg, the foreign rate will be used.

Disclaimer: Ryanair Baggage Fees and Ryanair Baggage Policies

RYANAIR Baggage Allowance and Baggage Fees Information Collected On May 2024 For Reference Only. Luggage To Ship is not in charge of making sure that any information is correct. RYANAIR Carry-On or Checked Baggage Allowance and Baggage Fees Depend on Your Specific Fare Class, Loyalty Status, RYANAIR Baggage Policies, and Other Factors. RYANAIR is a registered trademark for RYANAIR Inc. For up-to-date information, please go to www.ryanair.com.

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