Ryanair Baggage Allowance, Ryanair Excess Baggage Fees & Policy

Ryanair Excess Baggage Fees2024, Ryanair replaces their baggage more frequently than many individuals replace their underwear. The most recent change to the baggage policy purports to simplify the policy, but many users view it as a ploy to extract more money from their customers. As a short-haul, low-cost carrier, many Ryanair customers travel light and strive to bring only hand luggage to save money and guarantee a quick turnaround at the destination airport without the need to wait in the baggage claim area. However, Ryanair’s most recent policy prevents the majority of passengers from traveling with only hand luggage for free, as they now have the tiniest free hand luggage allowance of any airline.

Baggage TypeMax Size (cm)Max Weight (kg)
Small Bag40 x 25 x 20na
Cabin Bag55 x 40 x 2010
checked-in Bag81 x 119 x 11920
Excess Baggage*81 x 119 x 119 32
  • * £11 per kg over 20kg

Ryanair Baggage Surcharges

Pre-booking your luggage is the most cost-effective method to pay for excess baggage on Ryanair flights, as with most other airlines. Even if you return to administer your reservation at a later date, prices will have increased since the initial booking. Wait until you reach the airport, and you should anticipate more. If you arrive at the gate with more cargo than you reserved, you will be charged €11/£11 per kilogram for each kilogram in excess. To be fair to Ryanair, easyJet charges £12 per kilogram more.

Baggage TypeTime of Booking (€/£)Post Booking / Airport (€/£)
Small Bag  free  free
Cabin Bag  6-12  6-12  
10kg Check-in Bag  10-1210-12  
20kg Check-In Bag*  from 25  from 40  
Excess Baggage Fee (per kg)  na  11  
  •  20kg check-in bags start from £25, On a flight from LGW to Paphos in June 2019, this costs £35

Ryanair Allowance for Baggage

Ryanair became the airline with the lowest free carry-on baggage allowance on November 1, 2024. Basic ticket bearers (non-priority) may only bring one compact bag measuring 40 x 25 x 20 cm on board. At check-in and each boarding gate, there are new baggage containers for inspecting the two sizes of cabin baggage, the tiniest of which is slightly larger than a large handbag or a small satchel.

Hand Luggage Allowance on Ryanair

Priority boarding passengers (€/£6 per person per flight) are permitted to bring two cabin bags into the cabin (until cabin capacity is reached, after which it is no longer an option – approximately the first 80 passengers), one compact bag (maximum 40 x 25 x 20cm – no weight limit) and one cabin bag (maximum 55 x 40 x 10kg). Non-priority passengers may only bring on board the compact suitcase. If the flight’s cabin bag limit is reached and you need to carry more than a small bag, you can add a 10kg cabin bag for £10 at the time of booking, or choose from the options for larger bags under hold luggage.

Ryanair Baggage Allowance for Check-In

Per ticket, passengers may purchase up to three checked baggage. When booking, 20kg checked goods cost €/£35 per flight, per luggage. Expect to pay £50 / 50 EUR per bag if added to your reservation after the fact or at the airport. The maximum weight for a single item is 32kg; therefore, it is more cost-effective to purchase 2 check-in bags than to pay the excess baggage charge of €/£11 per KG, which could cost as much as €/£132 if you carry a 32kg bag to the airport with a 20kg bag reservation. Online booking of two 20kg suitcases would cost an additional €/£25 and provide up to 40kg of total baggage.
Special Ryanair Baggage

Ryanair will enable you to travel with special luggage such as sporting equipment; see the baggage fees schedule for more information. All fees are per item, per flight, and limited to 20 kg. For pre-booked sports equipment that exceeds the weight limit, the same excess baggage fees (€/£11) apply. The same maximum weight of 32kg applies. At €/£45 per item, per flight, if you’re going on a ski vacation and plan to bring your skis and boots in separate suitcases, you’ll have to pay an additional €/£180 for your flight, making renting in resort a much more affordable option.

Special BaggageTime of Booking (€/£)Post Booking / Airport (€/£)
Bike  60  75  
Sports Equipment  35  40  
Large Sports Equipment  55  65  
Ski Equipment  45  50  
Golf Clubs  30  40  
Musical Instruments  50  65  

Infant Luggage Allowance on Ryanair

Infants under 2 years old traveling on the bosom of a caregiver (adult) are not permitted any checked baggage.
Children (0 to 15 years of age) are permitted to bring a collapsible stroller or pram and one of the following items free of charge (carried in the cargo, can be brought to the aircraft steps). Additional items may be reserved for £11/€11 per item, per flight.

  • Travel Crib
  • Car Seat (we recommend bringing your own when renting an automobile abroad)

App Ryanair Baggage

The Ryanair app has a new feature that allows you to measure your carry-on luggage to determine if it conforms to the airline’s new guidelines. The app, which debuted in April 2019, intends to alleviate the anxiety associated with having to pay extra to bring hand luggage into the cabin. As you can see below, the children’s Trunki case fails the test and is therefore not permitted to travel for free.

ryanair bag sizer app
ryanair bag sizer app checker
ryanair bag sizer app trunki
ryanair bag sizer trunki

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