Block HSBC Credit Card, How to Block HSBC Credit Card

How to Cut Down on HSBC Credit Card Use If you want to make a complaint and have your credit card blocked after it was used for an unauthorised transaction, you may download a form from the website and mail it to the bank. Phone revoke the HSBC credit card, If your credit card has been stolen and used illegally, call HSBC Phone Banking at:

How to Stop Using an HSBC Credit Card

How to Use IVRS, SMS, Online Banking, and Mobile Banking to Block or Unblock an HSBC Bank Credit Card High-net-worth people and companies alike appreciate HSBC Bank, one of the top private banks in India. The HSBC Credit Card is the sole product or service the bank offers to its clients. With the help of its alliances with Visa and MasterCard, HSBC provides deluxe credit cards. Any card you choose will reward you for making purchases by giving you cash back, access to lounges, and other perks.

Do not become alarmed if you lose your HSBC Card if you already have one. You may put your HSBC card on a hotlist and block it. In order to prevent your HSBC credit card from falling into the wrong hands, we have explained how to hotlist it in this post.

Here are a few ways to disable your HSBC credit card.

How to use IVRS to cancel an HSBC Bank credit card

You may revoke your HSBC credit card via IVRS. The method is really straightforward. It only takes a phone call to the Phone Banking Number. Call the proper IVRS Menu Option once you’re on the phone, and a person will confirm your details.

After then, the person will suspend your credit card, and you may ask him or her about obtaining a new credit card. The agent will go over the costs and other details with you about changing out your credit card.·

  • The phone numbers for HSBC’s phone banking are 1860 108 7788 and 1860 500 2277.
  • If you lose your card while travelling abroad, you can call 040 67173402 or 080 4908 9632.

How to disable an HSBC Bank credit card via online banking

The use of HSBC Internet Banking does not allow the user to disable credit cards. You’ll find a button for Lost or Stolen Credit when you log into your account. You can find the “Lost or Stolen Credit Card” button when you log into your account. To get the cards deactivated, the website would nonetheless advise you to call the helplines right away. If this is the case, you can dial the numbers given, and a customer care agent will help you ban the card.

How to use mobile banking to block a credit card from HSBC Bank

Even though HSBC offers a mobile app, you cannot use it. You can revoke the HSBC Credit Card by using the HSBC Mobile Banking App. In order to ban the HSBC Card once more, you will need to get in touch with customer service; consequently, have the phone numbers close at hand.

These were the various procedures for blocking your HSBC Card. You can contact customer support to get a replacement HSBC Card as well. Other than the number, everything else is consistent. For additional information, call the HSBC Helpline. Take care not to give out any cards or personal information to anyone.

Resident CustomersFrom OverseasWithin India
HSBC Advance Personal Banking /Credit Cards+91-40-61268002+91-80-718980021800 267 34561 800 121 2208
HSBC Premier (This is a toll-Free number)+91-40-61268001+91-80-718980011800 266 34561800 120 4722
Business Banking+91-040-61268010+91-040-71898010+91-080-61268010+91-080-718980101800 123 26661800 419 2288
Corporate Cards (Toll Free)+91-080-49089633+91-040-671734031800 419 22661 800 102 6922
Retail Business Banking (RBB)+91-022-503235331800 120 2210
Retail Business Banking (RBB)+91-40-61268004+91-80-718980041800 419 54001800 123 2979

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