Block BOB Bank Credit Card, How to Block BOB Credit Card

How to Block a BOB Credit Card If you are a customer of the Bank of Baroda and have a credit card issued by the bank, you must take care of it. Never reveal your card information to anybody, including the CVV number, expiration date, and PIN. However,

How to Block BOB Credit Card

If you lose your credit card, the security of your account may be jeopardised. If your card is missing, do not worry; get your card restricted. We’ll check into how you had your card banned.

Methods to Block a Bank of Baroda Credit Card

Customer service

You may block your Bank of Baroda credit card by dialing 1800-258-4455 or 1800-102-4455, a toll-free phone banking number and an IVR system for its clients. This service is accessible around the clock. For further information, please call 1800 225 100 or email

Another technique to get your credit card banned

The steps to block your credit card are as follows:

  • If your credit card is lost or stolen, notify your nearest BOBCard Area Officer or phone 1800 225 100, an All India Toll-Free number. This will immediately block your card.
  • You must file a FIR with the local police station detailing the loss of your card and provide a copy to the bank.
  • If your card is compromised, you must notify the cybercrime unit and provide the bank with a copy of the FIR.
  • If you do not block your card, you will be held liable for all transactions done on your card following the loss of your credit card. As a result, if your card is lost or stolen, you must immediately block it.
  • If you find your card, don’t use it. Instead, you are advised to destroy it by cutting it through the magnetic strip. The bank will issue you a new card.

These are some of the procedures you must follow to get your Bank of Baroda Credit Card banned.

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