Block Axis Credit Card, How to Block Axis Credit Card

How do I block my Axis Bank credit card? How do I stop using my Axis Bank credit card and apply for a replacement? Credit cards are financial tools that can help you boost your clients’ spending power. To avoid misuse, cardholders must use extreme caution whenever they use their credit cards to purchase. Thanks to Axis Bank, you may ban your credit card in several ways. You can block your Axis Bank credit card using the methods listed below.

Block Axis Credit Card

How do you block your credit card? Now, you can stop your credit card by SMSing 5676782 from your registered mobile number. i.e., BLOCK XXXX (the last four digits of your credit card number) through your registered mobile number.

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If your Axis Bank credit card is lost, you should leave the area and block the Card. You might lose all your money if the Card falls into the wrong hands. Axis Bank provides a variety of ways to restrict your credit card, including sending an SMS, calling an emergency hotline, and using online banking. To deactivate your Axis Bank credit card, follow these procedures.

Option 1: You must send an SMS from the registered mobile number at Axis Bank to block your Axis Bank credit card. Text 5676782 with “BLOCK XXXX (last four digits of your credit card number)”.

Option 2: Call the Axis Bank emergency hotline at 1860 419 5555 or 1860 500 5555. A customer care representative will assist you after confirming your identification over the phone.

Option 3: Go to Account > My Cards > More Services or, if you’re using the Axis Mobile app, go to Banking > Services > Credit Card > Block & Replace Card if you have access to Axis Bank’s online banking service.

Option 4: Blocking the Axis Bank debit card by going to the nearest bank branch is your only choice if you have trouble connecting with the first three choices. Fill out the card-blocking forum or provide the bank executive with your application.

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