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The human resource outsourcing software suite from USVerify includes USPayserv. Employees of private and public organizations can get electronic payroll services through it. It facilitates the transition of businesses and organizations from paper pay stub printing processes to digital and electronic pay.


USPayserv makes sure that every piece of data is protected and transmitted in a way that complies with local regulations. To give employees information about their salary, USPayserv employs a variety of techniques.

USPayserv Login

  • electronic pay stub
  • the use of email
  • facts about pay via text messaging
  • Information about payment via interactive voice response

The USPayserv offers a variety of benefits. It saves money by doing away with the need to print and distribute hard copies of the payroll procedure. Through the internet, staff members may at any time and from any location quickly and conveniently obtain information about their wages, pay stubs, etc.

The USPayserv system’s security and compliance are actively monitored by their team of experts.
Read this page carefully and adhere to all the instructions if you want complete information on USPayserv login.

Access USPayserv

  • Accessing the USPayserv website requires a computer, smartphone, or tablet as well as an internet connection.
  • Your employer code, PIN, and USPayserv username are required.

Conditions for USPayserv Login

  • Please visit or Both URLs will go to the same page (redirect).
  • As seen in the screenshot below, accurately enter your Username, PIN, and Employer Code.
  • After that, click the Login button.
image 56 PIN reset

  • These instructions might help you reset your USPayserv Login PIN if you’ve lost it.
  • Click “Forgot your PIN” as seen in the screenshot below by going to
image 57
  • Fill up your Username, Employer Code, and Default PIN correctly to Rest your PIN to your default PIN.
  • Then click on the Save button.
image 58
  • Now In order to restore your PIN to its default setting, carefully follow all subsequent steps.
  • Contact your account manager to have your default PIN reset or to have your account unlocked if you’ve lost it.

Phone number for USPayserv

The following contact information can be used if you need to contact USPayserv Customer Service with any questions or concerns:

Contact information for customer service

Phone Number(866) 612-8476
Local Number(901) 260-4594
Customer Service Timing8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. CST
Customer Service
Technical Help
Email Responsewithin one business day


I’ve included information regarding USPayserv Login Instructions, Resetting PIN, Unblocking Accounts, and USPayserv Customer Service Contact Information in this tutorial. Your questions concerning USPayserv should all be answered by reading this page, in my opinion.

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