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According to bank regulations, you must fill out and submit a kyc (know your customers) form for your bank account to your local bank office every six months. Your address, gmail account, and cellphone number should all be updated with the bank. You are accountable for it as well. that you complete out the KYC paperwork and arrive at your bank on time.

UCO eKYC Update

You will learn in the article of today. When you attempt to fill out the kyc form, that uco bank form will be blank. So, the form will be two pages long. Please let us know whether the information must be correctly filled out and submitted. completing the form, etc.

UCO KYC Update Form

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You can see the first page of 

Step 1 -kyc form is underneath. your Aadhaar card’s name. Fill out the form properly. First, you need to type Mr., Mrs., Miss, Dr., in the column with three boxes. Whatever suits you best should be filled. Next, enter the first name, middle name, and last name in the appropriate columns. whether you are connected to the gas. Next, complete the customer ID. in your gas passbook, which. Your gas connection and bank account become linked when you provide this information. Subsidy then begins to appear in your bank account.

Step 2 – Next, enter your birthdate. Three additional columns are visible below this one. similar to the names of the fathers, mothers, and spouses (husband or wife)

Step-3 The photocopy of the proof of address (POA) and its details must then be filled out. In the box below, you may see this. which you have accessible. mark it as true.

Step-4 You now need to enter your contact information. It has a drawn star* in front of it. It must be filled out with the address from your address proof. Just fill it up.

Step 5: The image below shows the second page of the kyc form. Your bank-linked cellphone number is entered in the contact number field. In the box next to it, type the email address.

Step-6 Now, the evidence of identification box offers a wide range of possibilities. whatever document you may have. Add its number to the column on the right. And make a duplicate of it. Regardless of the paperwork you’re applying. Check the box that is there.

Step-7 when using a ration card. then enter its information.

Step- 8 You must now fill out your bank’s information. It is optional, much as the bank name, branch address, ifsc code, and account number. Leaving it is also an option. When filing a KYC form at a bank branch. where you created your bank account.

Conclusion: You just read this essay. completing the UCO Bank KYC form I hope you found this information to be useful. Share it on your social media platforms, please.

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