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SBI Balance Enquiry: How to Check State Bank of India Balance Using Toll-Free Phones, SMS, Net Banking, App, USSD Codes, and Other Methods The State Bank of India, or SBI, is a popular bank among the Indian people. SBI bank accounts are held by thousands of people, and the bank itself sees a high volume of transactions every day. Across the country, SBI has around 41 crore savings bank accounts. If you have an SBI account, you will want to know your balance in order to maintain track of your financial situation. It is simple to determine your bank balance. To check your balance, you can utilise the internet, the SBI app, phone banking, or SMS.

SBI Balance Check

SBI Balance Checking Using Toll-Free Numbers, To check your SBI bank balance, dial a toll-free number. To find your balance, call 9223766666 from your mobile phone and follow the instructions.

SBI Balance Check Number

Check Your SBI Account Balance Using a Missed Call, You may also check the balance of your SBI account by dialling 9223766666 or the toll-free number 1800-425-3800. A mini statement for your SBI account may also be obtained by placing a missed call to 9223866666 or texting “MSTMT” to the number.

SBI बैलेंस पूछताछ टोल फ्री नंबर

SBI बैलेंस पूछताछ टोल फ्री नंबर

Check SBI Account Balance online via Net Banking

  • Go to the SBI netbanking page
  • Use your user ID and password to log in.
  • Once you have logged in, visit the “account” section to check your account balance details.

SMS Check SBI Account Balance

  • SBI users may also subscribe for the SMS service using their cellphone number, which can subsequently be utilised to check their account balance.
  • REGSpace>Account Number 9223488888 is the SMS format.
  • The bank will send you a registration confirmation message, following which you will be able to check your balance, obtain a mini statement, an e-statement, and request a chequebook, loan, and home loan interest certificates.

SBI Balance Checking with USSD Codes

USSD, or Supplementary Service Unstructured Data, is the GSM communication protocol that permits data to be transmitted between a phone and network application software. This service is available to SBI customers who have a current or savings bank account.

Clients who currently utilise mobile banking through application or WAP are not eligible for the USSD service. If an existing user chooses to utilise this service, they must first deregister from the application or WAP-based service before enrolling in the USSD service.

This is how you balance your checkbook-

  • Dial *595#  and enter the user ID
  • From the answer menu choose option 1 
  • You get the options of “balance Enquiry” and “mini statement.”
  • Send it after entering the MPIN

Check SBI Account Balance via the SBI YONO app

  • Log in to the app
  • Go to the “accounts” section and choose the account
  • Click and download your statement

You can also check your balance without logging into the app.

  • In the SBI YONO app,  click on “check balance”.
  • Take your pick from MPIN or User ID and Password or Biometric Authentication or Face ID..
  • After authentication, the balance of all accounts linked to the app can be checked.
  • You also can “view transactions” below the account balance, allowing you to see the transaction details of selected accounts.

SBI Balance Enquiry Through ATM

Customers with an SBI bank account may also use the debit card to check their account balance.

  • Insert your card into the machine.
  • Enter the four-digit ATM pin.
  • Select the “balance Enquiry” option to view the account balance.
  • Your balance will be displayed on the screen.

Passbook Enquiry for SBI Balance

When you open an account with the State Bank of India, you are given a passbook. It is your obligation to keep the passbook up to date with the most recent transactions. When you access your passbook, you may see your current balance as well as your debit and credit transactions. Clients must visit the bank to get their passbooks updated. It is one of the most traditional techniques of determining your bank balance.

Importance of Account Balance Enquiry

  • Be sure your account has enough money to cover payments, transfers, and other transactions.
  • To see if you’ve received any funds in your account.
  • To see if the money deducted for a failed transaction was repaid.
  • To see if the bank has deposited interest on schedule.
  • Monitor the account balance to check that no unauthorised transactions have happened.
  • Examine your monthly statement to see if you can cut any unneeded charges and save money.
  • Keeping track of your account balance might assist you in sticking to a monthly budget.


How can I sign up for SBI Missed Call Banking?

  1. Text 09223488888 from the cellphone number associated with your account.
  2. Once the SMS is issued, you will receive a confirmation message.
  3. You may begin utilising SBI Quick Missed Call Banking.

2, How do I obtain an SBI Mini statement?

To receive an SBI Mini Statement via SMS banking, text ‘MSTMT’ to 09223866666. If you go to an ATM and print it, you may also receive a tiny statement. You may also use online banking to locate and print your mini statement.

3, Is it possible to check your SBI balance for free?

You may, indeed, check your SBI bank balance for free. The SMS banking number supplied is free of charge.

4, Is there a limit to the number of SBI Balance Check Inquiries that may be made?

No, the number of SBI Balance check queries is not limited. You may check your bank balance as frequently as you like using any of the ways listed above.

5, Why should you keep track of your SBI Balance?

Check your SBI bank balance on a regular basis to monitor your financial health, ensuring that there are no fraudulent activities, that your refunds arrive on time, that the bank deposits interest on time, and that you keep a monthly budget.

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