Mizoram Employee Pay Slip 2024, Mizoram Employee GPF Slip 2024 Download

The Finance Department of Punjab will launch the Mizoram Employee GPF Slip 2024 Download, Nagaland Employee GPF Slip 2024, or Nagaland Employee GPF Statement 2024 on its official website, https://dat.mizoram.gov.in.

Mizoram Employee Pay Slip

The dependable online portal, https://dat.mizoram.gov.in/page/well-known-provident-fund, allows Nagaland employees who work in a variety of departments to verify information and receive GPF yearly statements.

Download Mizoram Employee GPF Slip

Pay Slip NameMizoram Employee Salary Slip 2024
SubjectCCAAT Mizoram is providing facility to all
Govt Employees for download
Online Employee Pay Slips on {online}
CategoryPayslip/Salary Slip
StateMizoram State
ProviderCCAAT Mizoram
DepartmentFinance and Accounts Department of Mizoram
The last date to get SlipsAn Employee get the payslips
from the official website by any time
Online Salary GIF Slip Download Weblinkhttps://dat.mizoram.gov.in/

In Mizoram, if you work for the government, you must be aware of the General Provident Fund (GPF) program. It is a savings program available only to government employees.

The Mizoram Employee GPF Slip, which enables access to GPF accounts online for Mizoram government employees, can give you all the information you need to know about Mizoram on this website.

GPF Program

An entirely employee-authorized financial savings plan is the General Provident Fund (GPF). The program underwent changes to provide government employees with balance and financial stability after retirement.

An unmarried fund account holds the contributions made with the help of the staff and the authorities. The offices of the Accountant General (A&E) in each state assist in managing the GPF.

Name of the Slip: Mizoram GPF Slip 2024GPF Statement for Mizoram 2024Download the Mizoram GPF Annual Statement for 2024 in the titleThe government made the Mizoram Employee GPF Statement 2024 Category GPF Slip available at https://dat.mizoram.gov.in/gpf Slip and https://dat.mizoram.gov.in/web page/popular-provident-fund

Government employees in Mizoram are eligible for the General Provident Fund (GPF), as well as positive perks and allowances. Mizoram Employee GPF Slip 2024 This fund is a retirement gain program that helps employees save money throughout their careers.

Employees get a GPF slip, or statement of their GPF balance, once a year. In this newsletter, we’ll discuss how to get the Mizoram Employee GPF Slip 2024, why it’s important, and answers to some frequently asked questions regarding the GPF.

Download Mizoram Employee GPF Slip 2024?

You need to have an active GPF account in order to gain access to the Mizoram Employee GPF Slip. If you don’t already have a GPF account, you must open one by providing your branch with the necessary paperwork. Following these steps will allow you to access the Mizoram Employee GPF Slip after your GPF account is open:

  • Go to the official website at https://dat.mizoram.gov.in/
  • Mizoram Kingdom employees must visit the reputable Mizoram Accountant General (A&E) website.
  • Select GPF Slip
  • When you arrive at the trustworthy website, select the ‘GPF Slip’ link on the home page.
  • Provide Details
  • If you click on that link, a new web page could load. Enter your GPF account number and choose the financial year now.
  • Add your mobile phone number.
  • Type in your mobile number and press the “Generate OTP” button. On your mobile device, enter the OTP you received, then press the “Submit” button.
  • Slip Download
  • The screen will show your GPF account slip when you click the publish button. Hold onto it and download it for later use.

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