KGB Balance Check, How To Check KGB Bank Balance Enquiry Number, Kerala Gramin Bank Balance Check Online/ SMS/ Missed Call

Kerala Gramin Bank Balance Check Online/SMS/Missed Call, KGB Bank Balance Enquiry Number, Check Your Balance at Kerala Gramin Bank Number Since its founding in 2013, Kerala Gramin Bank has grown to include 633 locations throughout 20 Indian states. Users of Kerala Gramin Bank are able to view their account balance and submit inquiries at any time. provides customers with access to the Kerala Gramin Bank balance Enquiry.

KGB Balance Check

Customers of Kerala Gramin Bank can check their balance without worrying because Kerala Bank is equally up to date with services. The consumers of Kerala Bank now have the option to request a balance Enquiry directly to their mobile number. All you need to do to use the service is make a missed call from your cellphone number, after which you will receive the information by SMS.

KGB Balance Check Number

KGB Balance Check, How To Check KGB Bank Balance Enquiry Number, Kerala Gramin Bank Balance Check Online/ SMS/ Missed Call

How To Check The Balance Of The Kerala Gramin Bank 2024 Online/ SMS/ Missed Call Due to the Missed Call Capability, To check your balance using the missed call feature, place a missed call from your registered mobile number to the toll-free number 9015800400 supplied by the bank. When you make a missed call, the incoming call is promptly stopped and an SMS is sent right away to your cell number. This will have information on your balance as well as the details of the latest three to five transactions.

How to Sign Up for the KGB Bank Missed Call Service, Customers must have their mobile number registered with the bank in order to receive balance updates via missed calls on their mobile number. The user will not be able to use the missed call service to find out their balance if their number is not registered. It’s now simple to sign up for the service by missed phone from the comfort of your own home.

To do this, open your SMS, type SET, and then, by pressing the spacebar, input your account number. You must text the following message to 90158 00400. The bank will get the SMS and recognise it as a successful registration as soon as it is sent. After that, you’ll be able to use the missed call feature and check your mobile account’s balance.

Through KGB Bank’s online banking, Those who utilise internet banking can check their balance and access other services by going to the official website and entering their ID and password.

Through the KGB Bank mobile banking, The customer can simply retrieve the details of the specific amount using this service if they are using mobile banking. You can do this by downloading the bank’s application from the Google Play Store or the Apple Play Store.

KGB Bank ATM Swipe your card at the ATM to check your balance there. Click on balance Enquiry after subscribing for the card, then input your four-digit ATM PIN. The data is now shown on your screen. If you’d like, you can utilise ATMs from banks other than Kerala Gramin Bank.

Kerala Gramin Bank Balance Check Number

Missed Calls90158 00400
Missed Call RegistrationSet <Space> Account Number To 90158 00400

Kerala Garmin Bank Customer Care Number [Branch Wise]

  • Digital Banking Services Wing, 0497 2706225
  • Credit Wing, 0483 2734805
  • Financial Inclusion Cell, 0483 2733510
  • Credit Review & Monitoring, 0483 2736368
  • Financial Management Wing, 0483 2732637
  • General administration Wing, 0483 2734847
  • Human Resources Wing, 0483 2734269
  • Recruitment Cell, 0483 2733508
  • Industrial Relations Section, 0483 2733506
  • Information Technology Wing, 0483 2730179
  • Inspection Wing, 0483 2737602
  • Planning & Development Wing, 0483 2735145
  • Recoveries & Legal Wing, 0483 2734925
  • Risk Management & Compliance Wing, 0483 2733061
  • Vigilance Department, 0483 2732070

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