How to Online Pay PC MasterCard Bill

To assist you in making your payment on time, PC Financial provides a number of payment options. You can pay with your PC Money Account, over the phone or with a money order, in person at a branch, by mailing a check or by putting cash in a machine. Please use the approach that is most convenient for you and make timely payments. Your credit score will increase if you pay your bills on time every month.

Online Pay PC MasterCard Bill

Online bill payment for your PC MasterCard is a secure and practical method to handle your MasterCard payments. It’s a good idea to pay your PC MasterCard account bills using your PC Money Account since online bill payment streamlines the payment process, saves time, and enables you to choose a customized payment plan.

PC MasterCard Bill Payment

Paying your PC MasterCard Bill electronically is the most practical option, and the transaction appears immediately in your account. If you run into any issues with your transaction, call PC MasterCard customer support. They will help you with your online PC MasterCard bill payment.

This short tutorial explains how to quickly and conveniently pay your PC Money Account MasterCard bill.

How to Use a PC Money Account to Pay a PC MasterCard Bill

Due to the connection between your PC Money Account and your Mastercard account, you can easily pay your PC MasterCard bill with a few clicks. To pay a PC MasterCard Bill using a PC Financial Money Account, adhere to the instructions provided.

  1. Go to, the official PC MasterCard website.
  2. Type your username and password to get into your account.
  3. From the list of menu choices, choose “Accounts & Cards.”
  4. Click the “Cards” tab, pick the MasterCard account, and then click “Pay Bill.”
  5. You have now seen all of the bill’s details, including payment options.
  6. Finish the bill payment by choosing your PC Money Account.

How to Use a Machine to Pay PC MasterCard Bill

You can choose to pay your PC MasterCard bills via the machine deposit option. Simply follow the directions provided to finish the payment.

  1. Find the PC Financial Bank Michane and start the payment process for your MasterCard.
  2. Fill up your account information and MasterCard account information.
  3. Click Pay Bill, then choose to pay the bill online or by making a cash deposit.
  4. Examine the bill payment, then finish the procedure.
  5. The device will produce a receipt for you when the transaction is complete.

How to Make a PC MasterCard Payment by Mail

You can mail a check or money order made out to “PC Financial Mastercard” to pay off your PC Financial Mastercard. PC Financial Mastercard, PO Box 4405, STN A, Toronto, ON M5W 5Y6 is the address on your envelope. Please be aware that payments sent by Canada Post may arrive to PC Financial Mastercard after 7–10 working days.

The transaction will appear in your account the same day as PC Financial receives your payment. Please prepare properly and give yourself ample time for your money to arrive.

How to Make an In-Branch PC MasterCard Payment

You can make payments at your neighborhood branch or ATM if you have a bank account with any of the banks mentioned below. The following banks allow you to pay in person, however they can charge you a fee for the convenience.

Your payment may not reach your PC Financial Mastercard for up to 10 working days, and the banks have the final choice on whether to offer the service. Your account will be credited the same day as PC Financial Mastercard gets notification of your payment.

  • ATB Finance.
  • The Bank of Montreal.
  • Imperial Bank of Commerce of Canada.
  • Desjardins.
  • HSBC.
  • Bank Laurentian.
  • Bank National.
  • Financial Group RBC.
  • The Scotiabank.
  • TD Bank Canada Trust.

A majority of credit unions.

  1. What is the quickest method I can pay my PC Financial MasterCard bill?

The quickest and most convenient method of paying is online. If received by 5 p.m. on a business day, many large banks take credit online, over the phone, and at bank machines. 2-3 days later, the payments appear on your online account.

  1. Is it possible to view my PC MasterCard bill payment history?

Using your PC Money Account, you may view the history of your PC MasterCard bill payments. This assists you in managing yourself and keeping track of your payments.

  1. Is setting up automatic payments for my PC MasterCard bill possible?

You may quickly set up payments for your PC MasterCard bill using your PC Money Account. This guarantees that your payment is made on time each month without requiring any action from you.

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