Gap Credit Card Login, Payment Online

Gap Credit Card Login and Payment Online, Gap Credit Card Login and Payment Online, every conceivable technique and step with information that will enable you access your Gap credit card account and payment the bill Online using Gap Credit Card.

Gap Credit Card Login

Shoppers typically use the Gap credit cards when they go to the Gap or one of its other sibling stores to take advantage of the discounts and other perks available to cardholders. The Gap card or Gap Visa credit card offered by Synchrony Bank includes incentives and exclusive features including extended payment terms, deals, and more.

Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Athleta, and outlet retailers with branded outlets all accept payments made using Gap credit cards. Every shop that accepts Visa payments accepts Gap Visa cards.

You must pay your bill in full before the due date after making purchases with the Gap credit card at the Gap or one of its affiliated retailers in order to keep your account in good standing. Online, through mail, or over the phone, you may buy a Gap using a credit card.

For any issues that could arise when using a Gap credit card or a Visa, the pages below offer every answer and detail with instructions.

How Do I Log Into My Gap Credit Card?

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Gap cardholders must first go to the Gap login credit card login page in order to sign up. Once there, enter your User ID in the box given before clicking Login. Before login into your account online, you must enter your Password on the next screen.

If you’ve misplaced it, you can use the Gap to find it. You’ll be prompted to provide the following information after selecting Lookup User ID:

  • Invoice number
  • Your Social Security number’s final four digits

Click Continue to begin the retrieval procedure after you have entered your information accurately.

How to Register a New Gap Credit Card Online and Activate It


  • 1-800-427-7895

Call the registration number shown above or create an account online to activate your brand-new Gap Credit Card. To begin the online registration process, you must first select “Secure registration” above. To register and activate, click the link on the following page.

Once you’ve finished these steps, you’ve set up an online account with your Gap credit card that you can use to make instant online payments, view previous statements from your monthly budget, and even apply for other cards.

How To Make a Gap Credit Card Payment Online

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You must register online to access the Gap Credit Card Payment page. These are the actions:

  • Navigate to the Gap Cardmember Account Service sign-in page.
  • To sign up, click.
  • The ZIP code and account number must be entered.
  • To register for an account, adhere to the on-screen prompts.

You’ll be able to log in and finish the payment once you’ve finished the registration procedure. You must check in with your Gap credit card to do this. As follows:

  • Enter your Gap credit card information on the login page.
  • Go to “Pay your bill” and click.
  • Enter your bank’s name, then verify your account number and routing number.
  • Decide on your desired payment amount. You can pay more than the minimal payment necessary, your prior debt, your current balance, or any other sum up to the total that is due.
  • Your payment must be made.

Use the “Pay as Guest” option on the Cardmember Account Services page if you don’t want to log into your account. Give your billing ZIP code, the last four digits of your Social Security number, and your card number. After that, adhere to the directions to send the money.

How to Pay with a Gap Credit Card by Mail

You may also choose to send your Gap payment. To at least cover the bare minimum owed, send a check or money order. Specify your bank account number on your check or include the cost amount from your billing statement with the coupon. Send everything to the address shown on your card after that.

For Gap Visa cards, use this payment address:

  • Gap Visa/Synchrony Bank
  • P.O. Box 960013
  • Orlando, FL 32896-0013

For Gap store cards, use this payment address:

  • Gap/Synchrony Bank
  • P.O. Box 960061
  • Orlando, FL 32896-0061

How to Make a Phone Payment with a Gap Credit Card

Additionally, Gap gives you the option to make free phone-based credit card payments. Obtain your credit card information, bank account number, and routing number in order to make a payment over the phone.

Call 800-887-1198 to reach the Gap credit card customer support line. For the Gap Visa credit card, you may also phone 866-450-4467. To schedule your payment, simply follow the automatic prompts. The automated system is free to use, however paying for faster assistance through a customer support agent will incur fees.

Late Fees for Gap Cards

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A late fee will be applied if you don’t make your Gap credit card payment on time. Regular late fees amount to $29. The amount will rise to $40, though, if your account has already been charged a late fee during the previous six billing cycles.

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