Fino Payments Bank Balance Check Number, FINO Bank Balance Enquiry Number by Missed Call, SMS, etc

Bank Balance Check for Fino Payments:2024 Fino Payments: Fino Installments Bank is another model of bank conceptualized in India. These banks can only accept deposits up to a certain limit, which is currently one million dollars. Payments banks are unable to provide their customers with any kind of loans or credit cards. Another example of this kind of bank is Fino Payments Bank. It began in 2024 with 410 locations.

Fino Payments Bank Balance Check

The various types of bank accounts that Fino Payments Bank offers allow for balance inquiries to be made in the following ways: –

Fino Payments Bank Balance Check Number

Fino Payments Bank Balance Check Number 2024 Fino Payments

Missed Calls7022075566
SMS Number7022075566
Customer Care Center Number022-6868-1414

1) Balance Information from Missed Call :- To get balance information through this facility, you  have to make a missed call on 7022075566 Missed Call number from the mobile number linked to your account. Within a short time of this, you will get the information about your account balance through the message.

2) Balance Enquiry through SMS :- To get the balance Enquiry through this facility, you have to send “FPB” to 7022075566 , so that the account balance information is received through SMS on your registered mobile number.

3) Calling Customer Care :- To get balance information through this facility, you have to call customer care number 022-6868-1414 . You can know the balance of your account by following the instructions given on the customer care number. By calling this customer care number, you can also talk to a customer service representative to solve any other problem you may have.

4) Balance Information through Netbanking :- To get balance information through this facility, you have to login on Fino Payment Account’s Netbanking through Customer / Merchant ID and Password. After login to netbanking you can know account balance as well as account statement.

5) Balance Enquiry through mobile app :-  To get balance information through this facility, you have to install Fino Payment Account’s mobile app “ FINO BPAY” on your mobile. After installing the application on your phone After that you have to login using your Customer / Merchant ID and Password. After this you can get information about your account balance. Through the mobile app also you can do all the work which you do with netbanking.

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