CIBC Credit Card, How to Change CIBC Credit Card PIN

How to Change the PIN for a CIBC Credit Card, When you ask for a credit card from the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC), you will get one with a “Personal Identification Number” (PIN). This number is important for protection, so you don’t want to forget it. But if this happens to you or you just want to change the PIN on your CIBC credit card, you can.

Change CIBC Credit Card PIN

This is a four-digit number that you use for every purchase you make with the card. The bank will give you a fixed code, but you may want to use something that is easy to remember.

This post will explain how to change the PIN on a CIBC credit card. There are different ways to do it, but it shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes.

You can change your CIBC PIN in two ways.

When you’re shopping, you might try to enter your PIN and find that it doesn’t work for some reason. If you keep trying the same code and it still doesn’t work, your card may be stopped. In other words, you wouldn’t be able to use the credit card to buy anything until it was restored. This is also true of ATMs.

This usually happens when you forget your PIN. If this happens, you should try to change it. Also, if you think someone tried to find out your PIN, you should get a new one for safety reasons.

It’s easy, and CIBC can help you do it. Here’s what they are:

How to change your credit card PIN online for CIBC

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If you forget your PIN, you can now go to the CIBC website and change it. To do this, click here and follow the instructions:

  1. Type in your CIBC User ID to prove who you are.
  2. Answer the Personal Verification Questions (PVQs). These are security questions that are easy for you to answer. You can make them or choose ones that already exist. But make sure the questions are unique and easy, like “What is the name of your pet?” or Where did you come from?
  3. Type in the number that came with your Token.
  4. Type in the number on your token.
  5. Type your new CIBC PIN to finish.

After you change your CIBC PIN, you have to confirm the change, and then you’re done.

How to use an ATM to change your CIBC credit card PIN

Going to a CIBC ATM and using your credit card to change the PIN is another choice. Bring along your credit card, and then:

  1. Put your CIBC Credit Card in the slot.
  2. Choose More.
  3. Choose Change PIN and do what it says.

If you follow the on-screen instructions, you’ll have your new CIBC credit card PIN in no time.

Things to think about when it comes to your CIBC credit card PIN

No matter why you changed your PIN for your credit card, you should always keep it safe. It would be best to change it every so often, but you should pick codes that are easy to remember. Also, don’t use things like your birthday or phone number, which are easy to figure out.

Also, don’t try to enter your PIN more than twice if it doesn’t work the first time. This is so that your credit card doesn’t get blocked in the future.

And most importantly, if you need help changing your PIN, you can always call an agent at 1-800-663-4575 (if you are in the U.S. or Canada) or 514-861-4653 (if you are outside of North America).

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