Block PNB Bank Credit Card, How to Block PNB Credit Card

Customers who open a Punjab National Bank savings account will receive a free credit card. Customers can use this Credit Card to purchase at POS (Point of Sale) terminals or online.

How to Block PNB Credit Card

While using one’s Credit Card to make purchases online or in natural places is reasonably safe and secure, one must proceed cautiously to ensure that one’s Credit Card details are not copied (through skimming) or get into the hands of online fraudsters. When a person believes he or she has misplaced his or her PNB Credit Card, he or she might opt to block it.

Credit Card Blockage at PNB

If a PNB (Punjab National Bank) customer loses, has his or her card stolen, or believes that a fraudster is fishing out money from their account, they should first get their credit card blocked.

A Punjab National Bank customer service representative can restrict his or her credit card in three ways: through online banking, SMS, or by contacting the Punjab National Bank customer care unit.

Using Net Banking to block the card

  • Access your PNB net banking account.
  • Select ‘ATM/Debit Card Hotlisting’ from the ‘Value Added Service’ menu.
  • Select your ‘Account Number’ from the drop-down menu.
  • When you click ‘Continue,’ the card associated with the selected account will appear.
  • Enter the card number. If the card number is not displayed, you can manually input it in the box under ‘Card Number’.
  • Enter the IBS Transaction Password and then press the ‘Submit’ button.

The notice confirming the card’s successful hotlisting will display instantly.

Using the Mobile App to Block a Credit Card

The following are the steps to block the card using the app:

  • Sign in to the PNB One App with your login credentials.
  • Select the Credit Card option, and then select the ‘Hotlist Credit Card’ option on the following page.
  • From the drop-down list, choose the account number to which the card that has to be hotlisted is linked.
  • When finished, click ‘Continue’.
  • The card associated with the chosen account will be presented; pick the relevant card number.
  • Enter the transaction password and then press the ‘Continue’ button.

It should be noted that once a credit card has been hotlisted, it cannot be de-hotlisted.

Credit card blocking via Customer Service

  • You may also ban or hotlist your credit card by calling PNB’s credit card customer service hotline.
  • The card can be banned by contacting the bank’s call centre representative at the 24-hour toll-free helpline numbers 1800 180 2222, 1800 103 2222, or the paid helpline number 0120-2490000.
  • The IVRS module is also compatible with the toll-free numbers listed above. You can also send an SMS (HOT>space>Card Number) to 5607040 from your registered mobile number, for example, HOT 5545620002358767.

Offline credit card blocking.

You can also ban your credit card by visiting the nearest Punjab National Bank office. You must bring the necessary identity documents and your credit card information. A bank professional will assist you in having the card banned.

These are some methods for blocking or hotlisting your credit card if it is stolen or misplaced. To avoid fraudulent activity, you must report whether your credit card is stolen or lost.

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