Prathama Bank Balance Check Number, Prathama U.P. Gramin Balance Enquiry Number by Missed Call, SMS, etc

Prathama UP Gramin Bank Balance Check Number 2024 Punjab National Bank is the sponsor of the commercial bank Prathama U.P. Gramin Bank. Two rural banks in the area: Sarva U.P. The first U.P. Grameen Bank was formed when Gramin Bank in Meerut and Pratham Gramin Bank in Moradabad merged. It covers 20 districts in Uttar Pradesh and has its headquarters in Moradabad.

Prathama Bank Balance Check

This bank also offers numerous facilities, as do all other commercial banks. In the event that your record is in the main U.P. In the event that you are in Gramin Bank, you can know the equilibrium of your record in the accompanying ways: –

U.P. Gramin Balance Check Number

Dial 9278700860 from your mobile number and give a missed call to the number. If you don’t disconnect the call, it will get disconnected automatically. You will receive an SMS regarding the current balance in your account. 9278700860 is a toll-free number, and you need not pay any fees.

Prathama UP Gramin Bank Balance Check Number

Missed Calls09058215904
Balance Check Via SMSBy Typing “SET<Account Number>” “09058215904”
Customer Care Center18001807777

Through missed call :-  To get account balance information through missed call, you have to give missed call to “09058215904 ”  from your registered mobile number. After which you get the balance information through SMS on your mobile.

Through Mobile App:-   To get the balance information through Mobile App, you have to first U.P. Gramin Bank’s mobile app “PUPGB mBANKING” has to be installed on your mobile. After installing the app on your phone, you have to login using your customer ID and password. After this you can see your account balance information on your mobile. Through the mobile app also you can do all the work which you do with netbanking. You also need internet to use this facility.

Balance Check by SMS :-  To know the balance using this facility, you have to send “SET<account number>” to “09058215904” from your registered mobile number. After which you get the balance information through SMS on your mobile phone.

Calling the Customer Care Center :-  To get the balance information through this facility, you  have to call the customer care center number “18001807777 ” . You can check your account balance by following the instructions given at the Customer Service Centre. You can also troubleshoot any other issues related to your account by calling this customer care center number.

You should be extremely careful while checking balance or doing transactions with your account through your phone and should not share your password or any other information with anyone.

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