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The Delaware, Ohio-based Olentangy Local School District (OLSD) developed the online portal known as MyOLSD. Its initials MOLSD stand for “My Online Learning System Delaware.”


This platform was developed to provide instructors, parents, and students with simple access to the different online tools and materials necessary for efficient teaching and learning.

MyOLSD Login

MyOLSD allows students to access course materials, turn in assignments, monitor their progress, and interact with professors and fellow students. Parents may utilize the platform to keep tabs on their child’s academic development, contact with instructors, and get updates and announcements about the school.

The flexibility of the learning process is one of MyOLSD’s unique advantages. Students can select courses that align with their interests and professional objectives, and professors can adjust their pedagogical approaches to meet the requirements of each individual student.

Digital textbooks, video conferencing, and online collaboration tools are just a few of the educational technology that MyOLSD uses to improve the learning experience. This makes it possible for pupils to acquire the vital digital literacy abilities needed to prosper in the twenty-first century.

Connect to MyOLSD.

MyOLSD Login is a cutting-edge online learning platform that offers a full range of tools and resources to students, parents, and instructors to assist successful teaching and learning, individualized instruction, and the development of critical digital literacy skills.

The steps below should be followed if you wish to access MyOLSD:

  • Access the MyOLSD Login Portal.
  • To access myOLSD, click the button.
  • After entering your login credentials, click the Sign in button.

Help & Assistance

You can speak with the staff at the closest office if you need assistance accessing your account or if you have any other questions about MyOLSD.

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