How to Check Walmart MoneyCard Transaction History

Using your Walmart moneycard as a means of payment previously, you may make any transaction. To find out who transferred money to your Walmart money card account, you must know how much is on the card or look up the transaction history.

Using the web and mobile application, you may view the most recent and previous transaction histories for your Walmart moneycard online. With a spending summary, every customer has access to their transactions in real time and error-free.

The Walmart MoneyCard Transaction History keeps track of every detail of the transaction, including Date, Time, Amount (debt or credit), Purchase Information, and more. You may examine the transaction history for your Walmart money card account using the instructions in this page.

Transaction History for Walmart MoneyCard

A useful reloadable prepaid card that helps clients manage their financial activities is the Walmart Money Card. Additionally, clients have access to several ways to view their transaction history at any moment. The transaction history will include details like your name or the name of the beneficiary and account information, as well as the pay period, opening balance, and closing balance of the money card.

This offers you a thorough history of all the transactions you’ve made throughout your time at work, including the date of each purchase, the information the business gives you, and your payment history. By date, transaction type, and balance, you may search the transaction history. A PDF of your transaction history is also available for download if you want to keep track of records or use it as a resource for budgeting.

How to View the Transaction History of Your Walmart MoneyCard

You may view the online transaction history for your Walmart Moneycard account. You may obtain the most recent transaction history statements by logging into your online account using any Windows PC/Laptop or iOS Mac device. The methods below will help you rapidly learn your most recent transaction summary.

  1. Visit to access the Walmart MoneyCard site and log in.
  2. Visit the money card account dashboard after logging in, or select “Transaction History” from the main menu.
  3. The most recent transactions, along with dates, hours, locations, and amounts of money, are now visible to you.
  4. You might also be able to search for certain transactions.
  5. Set the time period for transactions during which the transaction record shall be examined.
  6. Users could like to view their monthly transaction history or their transactions for a certain time frame.
  7. You may now successfully examine the transaction history of your Walmart money card.

How to Check the History of Walmart MoneyCard Transactions on a Mobile App

On your iPhone/iPad, Android smartphone, or tablet computer, you may see your Walmart Money Card transaction history by using the Mobile Application. To access your Walmart Money card transaction history on the mobile app, then adhere to the guidelines below.

  1. Open the Walmart Money Card app, then head to the login page.
  2. Enter your “User ID” and “password” on the login screen to begin using your Walmart Money Card account.
  3. In the list of menu options, look for and choose the “Transactions” tab.
  4. To view a list of your most recent transactions, this will lead to your transaction history page.
  5. To get a summary of the transaction, tap on the transaction.
  6. You can decide whether to get a certain time period’s monthly transaction history.
  7. You may now successfully access the Transaction History for your Walmart money card.

How to retrieve the history of your Walmart MoneyCard transactions by text

Additionally, you may SMS from your registered cellphone number to find out your MoneyCard account’s most recent transaction history. You may obtain an immediate response with the most recent transaction statements by sending an SMS text message to Walmart SMS Centre.

Requesting Walmart MoneyCard transaction history via SMS

Text HIST 0000 to 96411, replacing 0000 with the final four digits of your credit card number.

How to Call Support for Walmart MoneyCard Transaction History

Simply call Walmart Money Card customer service at 1-877-937-4098 from your registered mobile number and ask to check your transaction history. Your money card number and the last four digits of your Social Security number will be required by the agent. The agent will then go over a summary of your most recent transaction history.

Is Email Support Available for Walmart MoneyCard Transaction History?

Just yes. You can email from your registered email to customer support and request your transaction history for the latest and old, if any period. You will receive a response with enough details and a copy of the transaction history in summary.

How can I get the offline transaction history for my Walmart MoneyCard?

To obtain offline help with your account, go to the Walmart MoneyCard branch channel or nearest support centre. You may acquire transaction statements and seek help with any account issues from the support centre.

Can I Use the Walmart Money Card App to Check My Card Balance?

Using the Walmart MoneyCard mobile app for Android or iOS, you may check your balance.

Can I see my balance after deactivating my Walmart MoneyCard?

Yes, you must pay off or empty the balance on your Walmart money card before closing the account.

Which SMS number should I text to check the amount on my Walmart Money Card?

My Walmart Money Card’s balance is available for viewing. To transfer money to this number 96411, text “BALXXXX” where XXXX are the final four digits of your Walmart money card.

How can I get in touch with customer support for my Walmart Money Card transaction history?

Call 1-877-937-4098 to contact Walmart Money Card transaction history customer care. You can usually find this number on the company’s official website or in the money card’s instructions. You may get in touch with them by email or via online chat.

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